Spectrumetrix Online Report Portal

Your Benchmarking Tool

The Spectrumetrix Online Report Portal recognizes an essential truth about surviving in competitive casino markets: Those who cannot benchmark their performance are at a severe disadvantage. Benchmarking is an essential tool for those who must monitor – and ultimately thrive – in competitive markets.

The Spectrumetrix Online Report Portal affords users the unparalleled ability of benchmarking their casino’s performance to the market in which they operate.

  • Users benefit from timely information updated throughout the month that enables them to easily and accurately get need-to-have market intelligence.

The Spectrumetrix Online Report Portal — which also offers the flexibility of modifying existing Spectrumetrix reports or creating custom reports—provides users with more than 50 pre-defined gaming markets, many of which are multi-jurisdictional across 26 states.

  • Users also gain access to the all the measures used to power the current Spectrumetrix reports including Handle, Slot Win, Table Win, Win/Slot/Day and many more.
  • Data can be filtered monthly, quarterly or yearly to show trends in the market over time.

Spectrumetrix is available now for subscriptions. Contact us today and start using this one-of-a-kind benchmarking tool.