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October 24 2023
Webinar Series - Spectrumetrix - Navigating Changing Markets with Spectrumetrix
If your market is changing in a major way, chances are…there is a precedent. Other markets have seen casinos open and close. Other states have offered new forms of betting, such as i-gaming or sports betting, or had to react as their neighbors offered new forms of betting and attracted additional business from near the border. Spectrumetrix, with its collection of current and historical gaming data, from markets across the US, offers you the opportunity to learn from those examples, and position your property or state for future success.
If a new casino is about to open in your market, will it look more like Chicago (2011), Baltimore (2014), Boston (2019) or Chicago (2021)?
Each case is slightly different. Spectrumetrix offers you the data to study each event, measuring how much new revenue was added to the market compared against how much was lost by pre-existing casinos. Were certain casinos affected more or less depending on their geographic positioning, and other factors?

July 11 2023
Webinar Series - Spectrumetrix - Learn Best Practices in Analyzing State-Level Casino Data
This will be a highly informative webinar, in which Spectrumetrix analysts will delve into the intricate world of state-level casino performance data analysis.
State-level casino performance data can be a great tool for benchmarking your business against your competitors or to help you target prospects if you are a service provider. But are you aware of the specific metrics each jurisdiction makes available? And what about the lag between the end of a month and when the states report? We invite you to learn best practices from our analytical team for analyzing state-level casino performance data.
Specifically, we will cover:
  • Tips and tricks for accessing and analyzing state casino data
  • Common mistakes/pitfalls that can be made
  • Best techniques for data normalization to allow for jurisdictional analysis
  • Adjusting for differing data release dates and how that can affect your analysis
  • Advantages to subscribing to a reporting service that collects, normalizes and presents all this information to you
Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and elevate your data analysis game.

November 19 2020
Webinar Series - Spectrumetrix Advantage: Predicting Sports Betting in TN
On Nov. 1st TN began offering sports betting. It is somewhat unusual since it offers only online betting with no physical casinos or sportsbooks. Dr. Geoff Atkinson (MSA) shows off the various features of the Spectrumetrix data – historical data, differentiation between online and retail gambling, and breakdown by different sports – as he predicts both the initial and long-term success of sports betting in TN.

September 16 2020
Webinar Series - Key Insights into the Pandemic and the Casino Industry's Reopening
Dr. Geoff Atkinson (MSA) looks at some interesting trends as casinos reopen from the Covid-19 closures. A casino’s success is greatly influenced by whether its nearby competitors were allowed to open at the same time, and under the same restrictions. In many cases, casinos that were willing to push promotional spending to close to 2019 levels have been rewarded by revenues also approaching 2019 levels. Online gaming has been a significant boon to casinos that already had a strong online presence before the shutdown.

April 23 2020
Webinar Series - Outlook for the Gaming Industry in the Context of Covid-19
The US gaming industry has never experienced anything quite like the current widespread casino closures due to the Covid-19 virus. Individual casinos have closed due to weather, such as Hurricane Katrina, and the entire industry has been slowed by economic recession. Dr. Geoff Atkinson (MSA) and Robert Heller (Spectrum Gaming Capital) analyze these past disruptions and predict the continued impact of Covid-19 after casinos are allowed to reopen.

June 20 2019
Webinar Series - The Impact Of Sports Betting On Casino Revenue
Dr. Geoff Atkinson (MSA) and David Isaacson (Spectrum Gaming Capital) look at data from New Jersey, West Virginia, and Mississippi to determine whether sports betting is cannibalizing existing casino revenue streams, or generating new business. Looking at early growth in the US, as well as data from Europe, they predict the revenues generated by mature sports betting markets in 3 to 5 years time.