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We are global

Active on five continents, Spectrum Gaming Group is the global leader in independent research, analysis and regulatory services. National governments, regulatory agencies, large gaming companies, small casino operators, developers, attorneys and major investment firms areound the world recognize SPECTRUM for its expertise, integrity and work product of the utmost credibility.

With seven offices worldwide and a team of more than 75 full-time professionals and associated experts, SPECTRUM delivers the depth of information needed to make critical decisions. We provide a range of services that is unmatched by any other company anywhere.

We are independent

SPECTRUM is independent, unbiased and comprehensive, and we are expert in all facets of the gaming industry. Our team of former operators, former regulators, former law-enforcement professionals, attorneys, financial analysts, investigators, accountants and other experts collectively has hundreds of years of gaming-related experience. We employ only senior-level executives and associates.

SPECTRUM neither advocates nor opposses gaming; rather we specialize in gaming. We do not accept engagements that see a preferred result: We tell clients what they need to know, not necessairily what they want to hear.

Working closely with our affiliate, Spectrum OSO Asia, we are active in Southeast Asis and have been retained by the Government of Singapore for extensive regulatory services since 2006. We work closely with NFC Global, a global leader in due diligence, in our suitability investigations of license applicants of all types.

We are gaming experts

SPECTRUM experts routinely speak at the world's major gaming conferences, including: Eastern European Gaming Summit, European i-Gaming Congress, G2E Asia, Global Gaming Expo,Global i-Gaming Summit & Expo, ICE, National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Conference, and the annual conferences of the International Association of Gaming Advisors and International Association of Gaming Regulators, among others.

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Development Consulting
Economic Impact Reports
Market analysis
Feasibility studies
SWOT analysis
Public policy analysis
Internet Gaming Research and Analysis
Integrating online and land-based gaming
Country Evaluations
Operational Consulting
Analysis of operating requirements
Business modeling
Strategy development & execution
Due diligence investigations
Licensing investigations
Pre-Licensing Suitability Investigations
Partner, provider and supplier assessments
Industry Research on Demand
Regulatory Consulting for Governments

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If you have questions or want more information about the services that Spectrum Gaming Group offers, contact us at 609.926.5100, or click here to visit the Spectrum Gaming Group website.