Management Science Associates

Management Science Associates

MSA has been a leader in the development of analytical software and information based systems since 1963. It pioneered techniques that enabled it to quantify consumer loyalty and retention using consumer behavioral data. These innovations are still the foundation for much consumer analysis research at many Fortune 500 companies. In the late 70’s, MSA was first to offer syndicated retail scanner data, many years before most firms realized the scanner revolution had begun.

Today MSA is one of the largest processors of integrated marketing and sales data for Consumer Packaged Goods and Casino Gaming. MSA’s innovative solutions help manage Big Data to generate value for many industries. Its years of creativity, innovation and experience provide flexible business solutions integrating information technology, analytics and strategic thinking.

By providing clients with business solutions that embody expert knowledge of their industries, MSA provides clients the information they need to succeed, and the enterprise software solutions needed to thrive.

MSA helps customers put their data to work; analytically informed insights and information based solutions enable customers to grow and drive efficiencies.

If you have questions or want more information about MSA, contact us at (412) 362-2000, or click here to visit the MSA website.